10 Sizzling Culinary Internships in Lagos That Will Skyrocket Your Chef Career

10 Sizzling Culinary Internships in Lagos That Will Skyrocket Your Chef Career


Are you dreaming of becoming the next culinary sensation in Nigeria’s vibrant food scene? Look no further than Lagos, the beating heart of the country’s gastronomy. In this mouthwatering guide, we’ll unveil the crème de la crème of culinary internships that will transform your passion into a thriving career. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey that will spice up your resume and tantalize your taste buds!

1. The Art of Nigerian Cuisine at Eko Hotel & Suites

Dive headfirst into the rich tapestry of Nigerian flavors at one of Lagos’ most prestigious hotels. This internship offers a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern twists, allowing you to master the art of local cuisine while gaining invaluable experience in a high-end kitchen.

FAQ: What skills will I gain?
Answer: You’ll hone your knife skills, learn intricate spice blending, and perfect the art of presentation – all while working alongside seasoned chefs who know the ins and outs of Nigerian gastronomy.

2. Farm-to-Table Excellence at Nok by Alara

For the eco-conscious chef-to-be, Nok by Alara offers an unparalleled farm-to-table experience. This internship will take you from the bustling markets of Lagos to the restaurant’s own organic farm, teaching you the importance of sustainability in modern cuisine.

FAQ: How will this internship impact my career?
Answer: You’ll gain a competitive edge by learning about sustainable sourcing, seasonal menu planning, and the art of creating exquisite dishes from locally-sourced ingredients.

3. Fusion Cuisine Mastery at RSVP Lagos

Ready to push the boundaries of culinary creativity? RSVP Lagos is your ticket to the cutting-edge world of fusion cuisine. This internship will challenge you to blend Nigerian flavors with international techniques, resulting in innovative dishes that will set you apart in the industry.

FAQ: What kind of dishes will I learn to create?
Answer: Think Jollof Risotto, Suya-spiced Wagyu Beef, or Pap Panna Cotta – the possibilities are endless when you combine global influences with local ingredients!

4. Pastry Perfection at Cakes & Cream Patisserie

Sweet tooth? This internship at one of Lagos’ most beloved patisseries will sugar-coat your culinary skills. From delicate French pastries to indulgent Nigerian desserts, you’ll learn the art of creating edible masterpieces that look as good as they taste.

FAQ: Do I need prior baking experience?
Answer: While some basic knowledge is helpful, passion and dedication are the main ingredients for success in this internship.

5. Corporate Catering Know-How at Red Dish Chronicles

If you’ve got an eye for business and a passion for food, Red Dish Chronicles offers the perfect blend. This internship will teach you the ins and outs of corporate catering, from menu planning to large-scale food preparation and presentation.

FAQ: What career opportunities does this internship open up?
Answer: You’ll be well-prepared for roles in event catering, food service management, or even starting your own catering business.

6. Fine Dining Finesse at NOK by Alara

Experience the epitome of Lagos’ fine dining scene at NOK by Alara. This internship will immerse you in the world of haute cuisine, teaching you the art of plating, wine pairing, and creating unforgettable dining experiences.

FAQ: What’s the work environment like?
Answer: Fast-paced and demanding, but incredibly rewarding. You’ll work alongside some of Lagos’ top chefs in a kitchen that prizes precision and creativity.

7. Street Food Revolution at Eko Street Eats

Want to tap into Lagos’ vibrant street food culture? Eko Street Eats offers an internship that will teach you how to elevate simple ingredients into crowd-pleasing dishes. Learn the secrets of creating irresistible small bites that pack a big flavor punch.

FAQ: How will this internship prepare me for the real world?
Answer: You’ll gain invaluable experience in fast-paced cooking, cost management, and understanding food trends – essential skills for any aspiring chef or food entrepreneur.

8. Health-Conscious Cooking at Green Apron

As the demand for nutritious, delicious food grows, so does the need for skilled health-focused chefs. Green Apron’s internship program will teach you how to create mouthwatering dishes that nourish both body and soul.

FAQ: Will I learn about special diets?
Answer: Absolutely! You’ll gain expertise in creating vegan, gluten-free, and other diet-specific meals without compromising on taste.

9. Mixology Magic at Slow Lagos

Expand your culinary horizons beyond the kitchen with this unique internship at Slow Lagos. Learn the art of crafting innovative cocktails that complement and enhance the dining experience.

FAQ: How does mixology fit into a culinary career?
Answer: Understanding flavor profiles and pairings is crucial in both cooking and mixology. This skill set will make you a more versatile and valuable asset in any culinary establishment.

10. Food Styling and Photography at Eat.Drink.Lagos

In today’s Instagram-driven world, making food look good is just as important as making it taste good. This internship with popular food blog Eat.Drink.Lagos will teach you the art of food styling and photography, essential skills in the modern culinary landscape.

FAQ: What equipment will I be working with?
Answer: You’ll get hands-on experience with professional-grade cameras, lighting equipment, and photo editing software.


These top-tier culinary internships in Lagos offer more than just a chance to work in a kitchen – they’re your golden ticket to a thriving career in Nigeria’s exciting food industry. Whether you’re passionate about traditional flavors, innovative fusion, or the business side of food, there’s an internship here that will help you rise to the top. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to turn up the heat on your culinary career!


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